A-Studio’s Concert in Batumi Might be Postponed

The concert of Russian-based Kazakh pop music group A-Studio in Georgia’s seaside city of Batumi might be postponed due to the “aggression towards Russia”.

The concert of the music group, known for their support towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, was scheduled to be held on July 27 in the club UP2U. The representatives of UP2U note that the initiator of the idea was the club itself, considering the current situation and aggression towards Russia in the country.

Since June 20, demonstrations are held every day in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. The demand of the protestors remains unchanged: resignation of Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia. The protestors believe that Gakharia is responsible for the raid of the rallies in front of the Parliament on June 20-21. 

The visit of three Russian MPs to Georgia within the framework of a session of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy held at the Parliament building was followed by severe protests by the public and opposition MPs on June 20, especially due to the fact that Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov sat in the parliamentary Speaker’s chair, speaking in Russian.

Russian-based Georgian singer Keta Topuria, who is a lead singer of the pop band A-Studio, is an active supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin's policy.

In 2010, at the event dedicated to the Soviet Union, she performed the song titled "We Need One Victory", while dressed in a military form.

On June 12, 2013, at the concert dedicated to the Russia Day celebration, Keta Topuria performed at the Red Square, dressed in costume decorated with colors of the Russian National flag. Topuria – on stage with her band A-Studio - featured a costume in Russia’s national flag colors and performed a popular single titled “Просто прощай” (meaning “Just Say Goodbye”).

On March 5, 2018, the singer said that "if Russia does not elect Putin in the presidential election, the year 2008 will be a dream."

On March 17, 2018, she performed together with Grigory Leps and other Russian pop stars in the video aimed at supporting Vladimir Putin and his movement Putin Team in presidential elections. 

Keta Topuria has been involved in the music industry since childhood. In 1998, she graduated from Gogi Sudradze Music School in Tbilisi, and in 2003, graduated music school with a specialty in vocals. Also in 2003, Topuria was accepted into the State University of Georgia psychology department but declined after being selected to replace Polina Griffith in the popular Russian group A-Studio and moved to Moscow.

In March 2005, she became the new vocalist at A-Studio, a position she occupies up to now.

By Ana Dumbadze 

01 July 2019 17:45