Nino Katamadze on her Recent Performance in Russia

Nino Katamadze, famous Georgian jazz singer has responded to the criticism in her address, following her performance in Moscow, Russia on June 22.

In a statement made through her official Facebook page, Katamadze addressed her listeners, as well as the entire Georgian public, offered them apologies for not being with the protestors on the night of June 20 and stating that all the healthy criticism of the public about her address is absolutely fair. In addition, she spoke about the reasons for her performance in the Russian capital on June 22.

“June 20 was the most difficult day and the concert on June 22 the hardest in my life. The only reason I did not cancel it was a sight impaired 9-year old girl, who had dreamed of coming on stage with me. However, I stated this at the concert and want to also tell you, it was my last concert in Russia!” reads Katamadze's post.

On June 30, on the 11th day of rallies, the singer also joined the demonstrators on Rustaveli Avenue, saying that she totally shares the views of the public regarding the protest against the government.

“The demands of the public for the resignation of Giorgi Gakharia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, are absolutely legitimate and I believe if Gakharia is strong, he must resign,” stated Nino Katamadze.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya


01 July 2019 09:06