Chikatai & WWF Georgia for Saving Sturgeon

Mtatsminda Park is a wonderful destination for spending a pleasant time with family or friends in the hot summer season. However, it becomes even more wonderful when attending a number of events of vital importance.

If you love nature and would like to contribute to the preservation of the wildlife, Mtatsminda Park is certainly a must-visit place on June 30, as on this it date it is to host a joint event of the toy shop Chikatai and WWF, dedicated to the saving of Sturgeon, which due to the lack of infrastructure and appropriate regulations across the country, is on the breach of extinction.

The memorandum is set to be signed at the event, within the scope of which, Chikatai will support the project of the WWF in the Caucasus “Strengthening Sturgeon Conservation in Georgia”.

All the money obtained from the sales of the toy sturgeons, produced by Chikatai especially for the initiative, will be transferred for the financial assistance of the campaign. However, along with toys, a friendly panda of the WWF will await for you at the event, to deliver the presentation regarding the sturgeons in Georgia and ensure the entertaining program for minors.

The event will take place at 17:00-20:00

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Facebook

29 June 2019 14:29