51 People Arrested During June 20 Rally Released

According to the Tbilisi City Court, the 51 people detained on June 20 during the protest outside the parliament building at central Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi on the charge of administrative law violation have been released.

According to the Court, 51 persons were immediately released from administrative imprisonment on the basis of the judges' decisions.

At the briefing held on June 25, the Prosecutor General's Office addressed Tbilisi City Court to release the majority of demonstrators detained at the rally.

According to the current data, 3 detained still remain in the custody.

Police arrested 305 people for violation of public order while protesting Russian MPs' visit to Georgia on June 20. 121 detainees have been sentenced to administrative detention. The Majority of them have already been released.

Photo: Tbilisi City Court

By Ana Dumbadze 

27 June 2019 14:17