Georgian Economy Minister: Georgia is Safe for All Tourists, including Russians

Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava has stated that “Georgia is one of the safest countries for tourism and for travellers from any country, including Russia.” 

Turnava met with hospitality sector representatives in Adjara to discuss the possible difficulties that could occur since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ban on flights to Georgia. 

The Adjara region and Georgia’s Black Sea coast is especially popular with Russian tourists. Attendees at the meetings voiced concerns that the flight ban would “significantly reduce” their business. 

Last year, Russian tourists accounted for 1.8% of Georgia’s GDP. However, many tourists enter Georgia via land. Russians flying to Georgia account for 0.5% of the GDP. 

Turnava assured the attendees that the government will support business owners and diversify the tourism industry. 


By Amy Jones 



25 June 2019 20:47