BOG to Allocate 1 million GEL to Boost Tourism in Georgia

With regards to the recent developments in Georgia and the expected decrease of the inflow of the Russian travelers, as a result of the decision of the President Putin to temporarily ban flights from Russia to Georgia, a number of major campaigns has been launched in Georgia, as well as beyond its borders for boosting the tourism industry in the country.

Along with thousands of ordinary citizens and travel enthusiasts, some major local companies have also expressed the desire to help the country in this respect. The Bank of Georgia (BOG) is one of them.

On June 24, through the promotional video, introducing the mesmerizing landscapes of Georgia, the Bank of Georgia made a statement, claiming that it is to allocate 1 million GEL to contribute to the development of tourism in the country, as it is one of the most important sectors for the improvement of the Georgian economy.

“We do cordially believe in the capabilities of our country and its unconditional progress, despite various challenges,” is stated in the promotional video.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Bank of Georgia

25 June 2019 13:23