Italian Wine Festival, June 28-29

On June 28-29, Georgia, known as the ‘cradle of wine’ and famous for 8,000 years of winemaking traditions, is to host yet another wonderful show for wine enthusiasts by introducing the best Italian wines and launching the Italian Wine Festival (IWF) for the first time in its capital Tbilisi.

The 2-day event is to bring together Georgian and Italian wine producers, and invites all the wine-lovers, as well as distributors from all across the globe to join the festival, delve into the wonderful atmosphere, learn more about the traditions of viniculture of the two countries and attend the tastings of the best wines from 6-11 PM at the incredible terrace of the restaurant Veriko at Petriashvili 1.

"It's thrilling being able to talk about Italian wine in Georgia at the IWF, the Italian wine festival that brings the excellence of Italian wine production around the world, says Sommelier Zosimo, master sommelier and organizer of the two-day event.

“Italian wine comes together with Georgian wine to give a taste of the friendship between these two nationalities always united by wine and traditions,” reads the preview of the event.



By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: Facebook

25 June 2019 11:47