EU Ambassador on the Protests and the Aftermath

EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell spoke out about the recent events in Georgia at the conclusion of the meeting of EU Member States Ambassadors today.

"The events of recent days have shown the need for dialogue, consultation and compromise in addressing the challenges Georgian society is facing," he said.

"In this context, we welcome today's statement by the Georgian Dream leadership on initiating constitutional changes for holding fully proportional elections in 2020. This presents an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together to agree a way forward that strengthens parliamentary democracy and pluralism in Georgia. We expect a broad and consultative process and call on all sides to engage in good faith," the Ambassador said.

"We also recall the importance of addressing the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations in a timely and inclusive manner, in view of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"We welcome the commitment to investigate the events that unfolded during the night of 20 June, in line with calls made by the Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner and others, and look forward to a transparent and swift process with the involvement of the Public Defender.

"We reiterate that demonstrations must remain peaceful and urge everyone to act within the framework of the Constitution at all times. As committed friends and partners of Georgia, we call on all sides to act in the country's best interest."

24 June 2019 19:36