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Mzianeti, a cheese enterprise from Aspindza, Meskheti, is proving very popular among tourists, so much so that they plan to launch a hotel! The Mzianeti cheese enterprise has been offering cheese tasting and master classes to tourists for two years; they have eight employees and their bread is baked in a 200-year-old oven. Aluda Jvaridze, Head of Mzianeti, says the number of tourists is much higher this year compared to last, the bulk of clientele comprising tourists from Russia, Malaysia, China and Israel. Jvaridze claims a wine house and terraces will also be added to the property in future.


Expago is a Georgian app inspired by the idea of connecting travelers with local people. Locals, that know Georgia’s history and traditions and can offer a much wider information than any guidebook can provide to a curious traveler. Expago is a new startup of Tbilisi Startup Bureau. As the authors say, people tend to go beyond the tourist-beaten tracks, they prefer authentic experiences and personal connection – specifically, eating or walking with locals – while traveling internationally. Georgia has become a popular tourist destination and more travelers are arriving. They tend to choose suggested routes and local experiences to better feel the real taste of the country. And all these became the inspiration for developing the Expago concept. 


Laila café

Laila café, located in the heart of Mestia, has hosted its millionth guest. Tamuna Japaridze, 26 at the time, decided to launch a venue at the wonderful location nine years ago, when Mestia was not yet popular among tourists. She wanted to create a place for guests to feel at home and her family was among the first to start attracting tourists. Tamuna has a German education and work experience, which helped when starting the business. Even though the first steps were difficult, the love of her homeland and job helped her to overcome and to make a success of it, and Laila, the name of one of the local peaks, has become one of the best-loved places for tourists staying in Svaneti.

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24 June 2019 17:41