Lietuva Calls on its Citizens to Holiday in Georgia

Lithuanian Ambassador to Georgia, Giedrius Puodziunas, has called on his fellow citizens to spend their holidays in Georgia.

With this statement, the Ambassador joined the campaign which was initiated by the citizens of Georgia to encourage the tourism industry and respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to ban Russia's airlines from flying to Georgia from July 8. 

"We invite everyone to support Georgia. A wonderful environment and special adventures await you there”, writes the Ambassador, sharing an article about Georgia's tourist attractions.

 Giedrius Puodziunas

Additionally, former Georgian Ambassador to Lietuva Khatuna Salukvadze has published a statement on her Facebook page addressing the citizens of Lietuva to actively continue their visits to Georgia and tell their friends to visit the country too.

"Dear friends from Lietuva, Putin prohibited Russian airlines and tourists from coming to Georgia. Just like before, this embargo will only strengthen the economy of my country. I know how much you love Georgia and Georgians love Lithuanian tourists as well... Do not let the aggressor oppress us", reads the statement.

By Ana Dumbadze

23 June 2019 21:43
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