Presentation of Entrepreneur June Issue & Website

On June 14, the Moxy Tbilisi Hotel hosted the launch of the Entrepreneur Georgia Magazine and Entrepreneur website (, attended by featured Entrepreneur respondents, contributors, business partners and Entrepreneur Club members.

The event was opened by George Sharashidze, Entrepreneur Magazine Editor in Chief, who presented the June issue and the new product, the online version of the magazine – to the attendees.

Nato Chakvetadze, the web editor, spoke about the digitalized version of the magazine, including its aims, thematic directions and content types, where the key role is to be played by the readers. The new formats, vlogs, video-interviews and podcasts, for clientele were highlighted. In addition, it was noted that as there are to be no restrictions on publishing information on the web, all contributors will be able to submit articles to negotiate.

The presentation of the first Georgian business podcast was also launched at the event. George Sharashidze is the author of the idea.

At the opening ceremony of the event, the sponsor of the magazine addressed the audience. Vazha Menabde, representative of Pasha Bank, spoke about the importance of the bilateral cooperation, focusing on the necessity of the development of the magazine, as a significant element of the business sector.

In addition, the company Kokhi was presented within the E2E (Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur) format, where the new company presented itself to guests.

Within the scope of the Talk format, the Entrepreneur contributors shared their entrepreneurial experience with the attendees. Speeches were delivered by the speakers as follows:

• Marita Genebashvili (INEBE.GE)

• Khatia Alpaidze (Katiani and Friends)

• Nikoloz Gogochuri (VREX)

• Leko Shatirishvili (INEBE.GE)

• Ana Tikaradze (NAMU)

• Tamta Gvelesiani (SPARK)

The joint project of the Entrepreneur Georgia Magazine and Georgian Library Association, called 1 subscription=1 library was announced at the event. Within the framework of the auction, for 1-year subscription, a 2nd subscription will be implemented automatically for a village library, which will receive all new issues of the magazine throughout the year. Villages adjacent to the occupied territories will be chosen at the first stage. The distribution of the magazines to the regions is to be ensured by the National Library of Georgia and the Library Association.

Two tickets for The Black Eyed Peas Concert, taking place at the Black Sea Arena on June 16, were played for at the end of the event. Giorgi Sheshaberidze, an 11-year old entrepreneur who had been dreaming of attending the concert, was the lucky winner.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

20 June 2019 18:30