Vasadze Wants to be Locked in Jail with Giga Bokeria

Georgian businessman Levan Vasadze, known for his conservative views, wants to be lodged in a jail cell together with politician Giga Bokeria. He made the statement saying so in a new video address released on Wednesday.

Vasadze addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs, hoping that in case of imprisonment, they will also arrest Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of the opposition “European Georgia” party.

“If you arrest me, I hope that you will realize that you must arrest, for example, Giga Bokeria, who is the ideologist of this disorder. I have just one request: lock me and Giga Bokeria in a two-man cell together and do not look inside for a while. Then you will definitely have legal reasons to arrest me. I say this without any humor," Vasadze said. He also noted that recent developments of upcoming Tbilisi Pride damage the country’s reputation in the Caucasus region.

By Ana Dumbadze 

19 June 2019 16:59