Training about "Strategic Philanthropy"

On July 4, the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) with the support of European Union and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), will hold a training for companies about “Strategic Philanthropy”. The training aims to assist Georgian companies to sophisticate their philanthropic programs and develop strategic approaches in order to achieve more significant benefits for society and for themselves.

Two days remain until registration closes.

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Training will be delivered by internationally acknowledged high profile trainer Professor and Dr. Michael Hopkins. Michael Hopkins has huge working experience in education as well as in the private sector. To date, he is CSR adviser for UEFA. Mr. Hopkins reads lectures in Geneva, Brussels, Great Britain, India, and America. In 2013 he was named as one of top 100 thought leaders in the world by Trust of America, and in 2014 the University of Delhi, India, awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award for work on CSR. Hopkins has written 102 publications and 15 books in the field of corporate social responsibility. See here for his full bio

In recent years, Georgian companies, which generally develop their CSR approaches, seek to be more strategic in their philanthropic initiatives. However, there is a considerable lack of knowledge and experience in planning philanthropic strategies and measuring results: most companies don’t really understand and track the impact that their donations have on the causes they choose to support; the practice of measuring social impact is quite underdeveloped. The training is planned considering the above circumstances, aiming to fill in the gap existing with regards to the knowledge and understanding of strategic philanthropy and its impact.

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia, which was established in 1995, has a successful multi-year experience in the field of civil sector development in Tbilisi as well as in the regions of Georgia. CSRDG has been focused on results that can improve the lives of individuals and societies in general. It was the first Georgian organisation to prepare and publish a Sustainability Report in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) sustainability reporting guidelines; the first Georgian-language textbook on CSR for higher educational institutions; and comprehensive analytical research on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Sector’s Role” (analysis and recommendations for the Government of Georgia).

Since January 2017, a consortium led by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in partnership with Georgian civil society organisations: Center for Strategic Research and Development (CSRDG), Civil Society Institute (CSI), Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC) and Education Development and Employment Center (EDEC), has been implementing the Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative (CSSIGE) in order to address key challenges of Georgian civil society sector.


18 June 2019 15:54