37% of Georgian Students at British Universities Are Studying for Business Degrees

Of the total 215 Georgian students enrolled in UK universities as of 2017/18, 70 of them, or 37%, are studying for Business degrees, according to Studying-in-UK.org.

Latest enrollment statistics collected from 183 recognized higher education providers show that as of 2017/18 there were 215 students from Georgia in the UK. Although this number represented a slight decrease compared to the previous academic year, when UK universities counted 225 students, the UK still remains a very popular study destination for Georgian students abroad.

Annual statistics also provide insights as per what subjects most of these students are studying. Among a wide variety of study programs offered at UK universities, Business is clearly the most popular choice for Georgians.

Based on statistics during the 2017/18 academic year, 75 students from Georgia were attending university courses in Business and Administration. Statistically, it meant that they accounted for 37% of the total Georgian students in UK universities.

This is surely something to be expected taking into account the reputation of British business schools. It is a well-known fact that they rank among global leaders consistently making it onto the list of the best universities in the world.

The numerical gap between postgraduate and undergraduate students from Georgia was narrow. Of the total 215 students from Georgia, there were 115 postgraduate students and 100 undergraduate students.

There are also variations as to which British country attracts most students from Georgia. According to statistics, England is clearly the most popular study destination. In the 2017/18 academic year, 180 students were enrolled in English universities, while 25 were attending university in Scotland, only five in Wales and none in Northern Ireland.

The UK boasts a large number of universities, but regarding enrollment data, the following universities turn to be particularly sought-after:

The University of Westminster

The University of Oxford

University College London

Queen Mary University London

London School of Economics and Political Sciences

King’s College London

The University of Glasgow

City, University of London

An education of the abovementioned global standards, excellent future prospects and opportunities for a unique study experience are some of the reasons that make the UK such a popular study destination for Georgian students. At a time when the UK authorities are working to enhance their international education strategy to welcome still more international students, the prospect of seeing a higher number of students from Georgia heading toward British universities is significantly high.

By Ella Worehead

Image by Ian Forsythe/FT

17 June 2019 18:42