Maqro Construction Marks Construction Completion of the 2nd Stage of Green Diamond

On June 14, Maqro Construction, one of the largest and most successful developers on the Georgian market, held an event devoted to the construction completion of the second phase of the Green Diamond project.

Prior to discussing the official ceremony, which we’ll come back to in a moment, it is certainly worth describing the Green Diamond project itself.

Located close to the Olympic Complex in the Dighomi district of the Georgian capital, Green Diamond is among those outstanding residential complexes having been designed and carried out in accordance with the highest European standards, offering clientele all the best facilities for a pleasant and cozy stay.

The vital importance of ecology was very much in mind of the founders of the project, and so the location of the complex was purposefully chosen to ensure an ecologically clean environ, as well as a peaceful atmosphere at a distance from the overloaded and noisy city center, ideal for families with minors. Along with Green Diamond, the Olympic Complex, Digmis Chalebi and Technological University are other initiatives that are to be carried out on the territory of Dighomi.

Sopho Tsamalashvili, the Head of the Maqro Sales Department, states that these projects are to contribute to the development of the district and increase its importance.

“This territory represents a place which, through the announced and ongoing projects, is set to develop very soon,” she says. “Therefore, the residential complexes of this type are of vital importance for Tbilisi. First, the complex boasts an area of 7 hectares, with well-developed infrastructure. One third of the project is allocated for recreational zones. By this, we continue the Green Budapest line, which envisages creation of as much green areas as possible across the city.”

Designed for three stages of construction, sprawled on an area of 70,000 sq.m and integrating 1,770 apartments in total, the Maqro Construction company has allocated $112 million to meet the needs of potential customers and all the criteria necessary for a comfortable and secure lifestyle. Residential apartments, a lot of greenery, children’s playgrounds, three outdoor swimming pools, modernly-equipped sport zones, recreational and commercial areas, walking and running tracks, as well as a kindergarten and school: Green Diamond has it all. In addition, a third of the total territory is covered by a multiplicity of plants and trees.

The hard work of the professional team of the company has already demonstrated fruitful outcomes, in the completion of the first stage of construction of the Green Diamond complex ahead of the scheduled date, on May 28, 2016.

The reception on June 14, marked the completion of the construction of the second stage of the largest-scale project of the company. The guests of the event were hosted on the territory adjacent to one of the outdoor swimming pools at Green Diamond, where they were hosted by the dancing waiters offering them a variety of refreshments. A number of entertaining activities and raffles where among other pleasant surprises awaiting guests.

Besik Liluashvili, Chief PR Office of Maqro Group states that Green Diamond creates more than 1,770 apartments where the residents will be able to benefit from all the services without leaving the territory.

“The complex has been launched in accordance with the demands and requirements of the clientele. Everything is integrated in one, green area,” claims Liluashvili. “The project has been designed with all that very much in mind.”

The third stage of construction is set to kick off in September.

Maqro Construction is one of the sub-brands of Macro Group, a company which has been allocating impressive investments in Georgia since 2013, and implementing a number of large-scale and important projects countrywide, including Mercure Tbilisi Old Town Hotel, Dinehall, Ibis Styles Hotel, and more. Prior to Green Diamond, Macro Group had another residential complex named Green Budapest, boasting investments worth $48 million. The total investment of Maqro Group in Georgia exceeds $270 million.

The address of the Green Diamond residential complex: 32 Bob Walsh Street. (Olympic Village), Dighomi, Tbilisi.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

17 June 2019 18:36