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Georgian electric motor-bicycle

The first totally unique Georgian electric motor-bicycle came about thanks to self-taught constructor Beka Januashvili. Beka launched the first mini chopper in 2015. He has produced nearly 10 exclusive models since and has been working on the electric bicycle for five months. The first sample has already been presented at an exhibition and won gold at an event in Belarus, for best idea and design. Claiming that the eco-friendly transport will be in great demand, Januashvili plans to develop the line.


Getting married? Do it in Racha! Garemo is a hostel near Ambrolauri launched by twin sisters Mirandukht and Tamar Davituliani, which offers a wonderful stay and incredible landscapes, and which is able to host such important events as weddings. 400 meters from the quiet airport, its sees Georgians and foreigners as frequent guests. Designed in the minimalist style, featuring an outdoor swimming pool, hammock and table, Garemo represents a year-round go-to destination. Love of travel was the main catalyst for launching the hostel. The initiative was carried out with a grant (12,500 GEL) from the Produce in Georgia project, and private resources. Tourists from Israel, the USA and even Australia have already stayed at Garemo.


The success of the founders of Singular, Akaki Meladze and Giorgi Shamugia, began at school, when they won almost all the international IT competitions. 20% of Singular was recently purchased by a venture fund for EUR 5 million, making it the largest IT company in Georgia. Launched in 2010, it has so far been introduced in Malta, Macedonia and Estonia. The company also sees potential in African countries. The investment, as well as the knowledge and contacts obtained through the venture fund, have opened a new, Asian market for Singular.

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17 June 2019 18:23