Tbilisi Pride: Priests Condemn Vasadze’s Speech

Orthodox Deacon Irakli Jinjolava and Father Leon have released statements condemning Levan Vasadze’s speech and his orthodox followers.

“It is regrettable that the central governance of the Georgian Church and a number of bishops are so close to the ideas of this man,” stated Jinjolava.

“I am concerned, as a citizen of Georgia, that this person is so aggressive, destructive, disobedient… and creates obscure groups against the state that threaten the statehood of the country,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Father Leon criticized priests and secular individuals who support the “offender” (Levan Vasadze).

“Jesus taught us his love, not his own crucifixion,” said Father Leon, criticizing the violence of the “offenders”.

Levan Vasadze released a hate-filled speech calling men to form a “people’s army” to stop Tbilisi Pride. Many church-goers and priests attended a meeting on June 16 in Vera Park where Vasadze discussed his plans with his followers.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into his words and actions.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Wikimedia Commons

17 June 2019 16:26