A Look at the Biltmore Wedding Fest, June 12

On June 12, the Biltmore Wedding Fest, organized by the Biltmore Tbilisi, took place at the incredible Grand Royal Ballroom of the hotel, seeing 40 companies which operate in the wedding industry grabbing the chance to introduce their products. The festival was held in entertaining and business formats, enabling guests to explore event organizers, confectioners, florists, photographers, musicians, jewelers and more. The exhibition was a wonderful platform for boosting collaboration between businesses. Guests were also given special offers and gifts by the participating companies.

The summer bar Azura was the evening venue of the exhibition, with guests hosted with delicious snacks and cocktails while a DJ performed. Hidden in the greenery, Azura was decorated thematically for a wedding, showing off its ideal character for wedding ceremonies.

The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel was also among the participants of the Wedding Fest, as an incredible venue for large-scale weddings. The Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel has hosted a number of large weddings in the past three years. The aim of the Festival was to attract new clientele and promote the hotel as a wedding venue.

The event was supported by Geoworld and Captain+.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

13 June 2019 18:53