Scandal Surrounds Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort

On June 12, photos taken of Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort, located in the Ajara region, showed a raised Russian flag. The images went viral on social media, sparking strong debate. TV25 was first to release information about the case.

Some members of society say it is intolerable to raise the flag of Russia, a country which has occupied 20% of Georgian territories and continues a policy of annexation.

GEORGIA TODAY contacted Zanda Meskhidze, Deputy Director of Castello Mare, to find out what happened.

“It is the policy of the hotel to raise the flag of the country the representatives of which make up the bulk (over 45%) of the clientele staying in our hotel at any one time,” Meskhidze told us, going on to emphasize that Russia was no different in this regard.

“However, as this action caused a lot of criticism, the flag has been removed. But we also have to note that the wave of anger towards the hotel is groundless, as Georgia is a country distinguished for its hospitality and we are used to respecting our guests,” she demanded.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

13 June 2019 17:41