David Zalkaliani at the US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Conference

“Ten years have passed since the US-Georgia Strategic Partnership Charter has been launched and the results achieved in these ten years are noteworthy. Georgia is a trusted partner of the United States and this partnership is based on shared values, freedom and democracy, the overall vision of global security challenges. " – noted The Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani at the third annual conference on US-Georgia Strategic Partnership in the US Institute of Peace.

Zalkaliani emphasized the special importance of US-Georgia strategic partnership. According to the minister, there is an unprecedented high-level strategic partnership between the US and Georgia and it has the potential to transform into a strong alliance that requires strengthening of defense and security, as well as trade and economic relations.

"In our turn, we are strengthening state institutions, building a democratic society, strengthening our defense capabilities. With this perspective, the Partnership Charter is an important instrument based on four main pillars. "- said David Zalkaliani.

Speaking about security issues, the Minister said that the military cooperation between the US and Georgia is close. "In 2016 we signed a memorandum of cooperation on defense. 2% of Georgian GDP is spent on military sphere. NATO integration is one of the main priorities of Georgia. Georgia has proven to be the most trusted partner of the United States in the region. Moreover, Georgia is impelled as the most reliable partner of the US to play an even more active role in minimizing the risks and challenges existing in the region. It should be noted that the security of the Black Sea is of great importance. We hope that the political, economic and military involvement of the United States will be increased in the region as in bilateral format as well as under NATO. "

The Foreign Minister also spoke about the harsh situation in Georgia's occupied territories. Emphasized the significance of the Geneva talks and noted that more efforts are needed by the international community in order to make constructive steps by the Russian Federation to fulfill international obligations. The Minister also noted Georgia's peace initiatives and their importance.

During the discussion of Georgia’s priorities the Foreign Minister of Georgia reviewed the considerable success in the process of cooperation with the European Union; He focused on the goals of the economy and noted the significance of Anaklia port project.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Image Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

By Mariam Merabishvili

13 June 2019 16:35