Tbilisi Streets to Be Divided into Zones for Parking Fees

Tbilisi car drivers will pay an hourly fee for parking starting August 1. Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated at the government session today that the parking fee will be initially imposed on Kote Apkhazi (former Leselidze) and the surrounding streets.

He also noted that aside from a regulated parking system, new “MAN” type buses will move in these areas to make travel more flexible and comfortable for the population. Car owners living on Kote Apkhazi and the surrounding streets won’t have to pay a parking fee. Parking will also be free for persons with disabilities, for A category taxi drivers and for the owners of electric vehicles.

According to Kaladze, the ‘zonal parking’ mode will be totally new for Tbilisi and the parking system will allow the Tbilisi municipality to regulate traffic flow in the city.

The Mayor also talked about tariffs and noted that Tbilisi streets will be divided into categories A, B, C, and each will have its own price.

"Prior to August 1, the relevant marks will be drawn in the paid parking zones, and road signs will also be placed. Paid parking areas will be divided into A, B, C categories. Parking fee for A category will be GEL 1 per hour, B category - GEL 2 per hour, C category – GEL 3 per hour”, he stated.

 By Ana Dumbadze 

12 June 2019 13:22