Georgian Stamps Can Be Used to Promote Tourism

In an era of digitalization and modern technologies, it seems there are no limits to either human imagination or to their capabilities. Designer Murtaz Furtskhvanidze has launched an interesting concept which is to substantially contribute to the promotion of Georgian culture and history, as well as help Georgians and foreigners explore the country through quick facts.

The concept is based on the creation of stamps, with Augmented Reality (AR) installed which will enable customers to scan scamps through a special application and obtain information about its appearance, the author's biography, as well as details about the picture.

“In general, stamps carry particular information, representing prominent figures and events of different countries,” said Furtskhvanidze. “Taking into account the fact that stamps are static, the information reflected on them is very limited in most cases. I am a philatelist (collector of stamps and postmarks) and decided to create stamps with AR which would be able to introduce more information to consumers. In addition, I also wanted to increase the usage of AR technology, as it has high potential and it is vital to have various projects adapted to Augmented Reality,” stated the designer.

The stamps, as well as the application, integrate different categories, all related to the history and culture of Georgia, including the works of famous Georgian modernist costume designer Petre Otskheli and world-famous Georgian composer Giya Kancheli. In addition to the project, a plan for the website has also been set already.

The author of the project claims the application will be adapted to iOS, as well as Android systems and will be available in different languages, depending on the country, which will seriously contribute in terms of promoting Georgia across the globe.

However, as Furtkhvanidze says, it is just a concept in need of support and financial aid from the government to be implemented, as the postmarks are only produced by the government.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

11 June 2019 15:06