Dep. Min. of Agriculture: Fuel Emission Standards Must Be Introduced

During a visit to Toyota Motor Europe on 7 June, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Nino Tandilashvili stated that fuel emission standards in Georgia will be introduced to gradually catch up with European standards.

Tandilashvili met with experts at Toyota to discuss fuel emissions and importing vehicles. Old vehicles are the main cause of pollution in Georgia, stated Tandilashvili.

“Replacing vehicles with environmentally friendly ones will significantly improve air quality,” she said.

The number of private vehicles has grown rapidly in Georgia over the past decade, which has led to a sharp increase in air pollution, especially as many of the vehicles are not environmentally friendly.

As a result, air pollution tests in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi have shown dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide and solid particle concentrations.


By Amy Jones

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10 June 2019 19:29