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Qvevri Sound System

Vladimer Chikviladze has made musical Qvevri a reality from an idea born several years ago in a friend’s wine cellar. Chikviladze worked to sophisticate the concept before launching the ‘Qvevri Sound System,’ a synthesis of the traditional wine vessel and modern technologies, based on the founder’s international experience in the field of audio systems. The Qvevri Sound System is created with the use of natural materials, hard work and love. Chikviladze is sure that the Qvevri Sound System will establish itself in Georgia, as well as abroad.


The renowned Smart Ring (CNICK), created by young Georgian start-uppers, is already well-known here. Founder David Kvitsiani recently announced that smart ring consumers will soon be able to make payments through POS terminals and also to use it on transport. The new function is to be added to the innovative product by the end of the year. The aim is to integrate as many cards as possible into one device for the comfort of the client. The ring is available on Amazon for $60-70. Interest is high both in Georgia and abroad. CNICK was the winner of a contest for high-tech business ideas at Startup Georgia in 2017.

Super Atlas

Georgian fashion has added a new name to its list: Super Atlas. Founder Sofo Natsvaladze, used a grant from the Produce in Georgia program last year to start to produce female and male clothing which is now exported to global brands and international designers, in accordance with specific models and materials. Super Atlas can already be seen on the French, Polish and Italian markets. There is also a fashion line, the models of which are sent to fashion weeks in different countries.

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10 June 2019 17:21