PM Briefs Investment Fund Managers of US on Georgia’s Investment Climate

Georgia is a small country with a wide vision, located on the crossroad where the East meets the West, North Meets South, the oldest traditions meet innovations and modern technologies and where there are plenty of economic opportunities, Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze said in public speech during the meeting at the California Commonwealth Club.

The Head of the Government met leading investment fund managers of the USA in San Francisco and briefed them on the country's investment environment, economic reforms implemented in Georgia and the country's leading position towards the ease of doing business.

At the meeting attended by managers of leading investment funds, the Prime Minister emphasized the country’s efforts towards the development of modern technologies, innovations and startups and the importance of sharing successful experiences in this field. Mamuka Bakhtadze noted that the creation of an innovative and technological ecosystem in the country is a matter of great importance and attention.

Largest investment funds of the USA believe that Georgia has genuine opportunities to reach tangible results in the advancement of innovations and technologies in the near future.

"At the meeting held with the Prime Minister of Georgia we talked about the investments, entrepreneurship and what is most important - the eco-system. We discussed the importance of sharing experience and knowledge from such successful places as the Silicon Valley and such leading countries as Israel that are reaching out to the large consumer markets with their technologies. We are excited about the investment opportunities of Georgia. It is a young state with very smart people. Engineering studies enroll as much as 50 000 students and it is quite a statement. The country has an Innovations Fund and a Ministry is leading the process. Thus, opportunities are great and tangible results will soon be achieved" noted Yitz Applbaum, Co-Founder and General Partner of MizMaa Ventures.

The meeting was held in questions and answers mode. After delivering the speech, the head of the government answered the questions of the audience gathered at the public discussion.

By Ana Dumbadze

07 June 2019 10:51