Children of Guardian Accused of Child Trafficking Return to Ukraine

Authorities have flown the children of Julia Suslyak, a Ukranian mother accused of attempting to traffic children to Abkhazia, back to Ukraine today.

Suslyak traveled from Russia to Georgia with 10 young children on 8 April 2019, intending to take them to the occupied territory Abkhazia, reported the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Suslyak was arrested in Kutaisi on April 25.

Suslyak is the biological mother of 4 of the 10 children, whilst four are the biological children of Yury Suslyak. However, 4 of the children were born in 2017, which has led to the suspicion that the children were trafficked.

The Ukrainian authorities have now taken responsibility for the care of the children. An investigation is underway in Ukraine.

If found guilty, she could face 14 to 17 years in prison.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - 1TV

06 June 2019 20:57