Ivane Matchavariani at First Graduation Ceremony of San Diego State University

“It is our aim to form a country, competitive with the high-level of modern education and technological development, through the collaboration with the society, private sector, strategic partners, as well as friend countries. You, the students, have the role of paramount importance in this process,” stated Ivane Matchavariani while addressing the audience at the first graduation ceremony of the San Diego State University.

The Minister of Finance said that the progress of the country, well-being of citizens, their full engagement in the civic life, as well as ensuring the sustainable development, should primarily be based on knowledge and education.  

“The full utilization of the intellect, skills and capabilities of youngsters is the major precondition for achieving our state goals, especially when the rapid technological development of the modern world makes us face important challenges,” stated Matchavariani.

The Minister noted that the permanent sophistication of the spheres of education and sciences, as well as the support of innovations and technological development, are among the top priorities of the government.


Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

04 June 2019 12:25