SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia: 30 Years Protecting Underprivileged Children

The Association of SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia to celebrate its 30th birthday, hosted an outdoor event, which also honored the International Day for the Protection of Children and aimed to raise awareness of the needs of underprivileged and socially vulnerable children. The association members emphasized the importance of government institute and business sector participation in solving the issues faced by said children.

Media and representatives of the business sector attended the event. Under the scope of the celebration, a tour was organized, with guests invited to learn about the crucial projects that are enforced by SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia countrywide.

Programs of alternative care and family strengthening have seen success in the past few years. Alternative care programs aim to help abandoned or underprivileged children and youth shape a better future. The organization gives them a chance to form strong bonds and relations in a close-to-being-a-family environment, and to show their interests, talents and abilities. Aside from this, the Association of SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia helps children get an education, deepen their practical knowledge and become confident members of society.

Today’s research shows that in Georgia, 238 children and youngsters are currently benefiting from alternative care.

“Every child is entitled to the right to be raised in a caring family. However, when it is impossible to bring up a child with his/her biological family, it becomes crucial to look for alternative care for these underprivileged children. It is exactly for this reason that we offer an environment much like family – a caring and safe environment,” states the coordinator of the program.

“We are celebrating the birthday of the association. This date happens to be the International Day for the Protection of Children. We decided to invite representatives of the private sector along to encourage them to farther participate in our projects and take our side in caring for underprivileged and socially vulnerable children, reinforcing their families and ensuring their well-being. We wish to help more children, more families and make their unity stronger,” says Maco Chopikashvili, Manager of Attracting Funds for the Association of SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia.

“The Association SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia has protected the rights of underprivileged children for 30 years now,” said Executive Director of SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia, Zviad Berdzenishvili. “It’s also important to know that the international organization that we’re a member of, SOS Children’s Villages International, has recently turned 70. I call on the business sector and society: your participation is crucial. We are much in need of new friends.”

The project of making families stronger aims to aid socially vulnerable children by helping their parents to raise their children in a secure and caring environment. The organization pays close attention to strengthening the support of families. The focus group for the project are children under 18 and their parents who, for various reasons, are in need of aid. Today, 1024 children throughout the country are benefiting from the family strengthening project.

SOS Children’s Villages International is an international organization represented in 133 countries. SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia is a nonproduction, noncommercial legal entity which has its own regulation and administration. The Association acts according to the regulations and principles as ruled by the international organization.

The Association of SOS Children’s Villages of Georgia has worked throughout Georgia since 1989. The organization aims to protect the rights of abandoned children or those at risk of abandonment by offering alternative care, help the socially vulnerable children, support them and integrate them into society.

03 June 2019 20:00