International Investment Forum - Kakheti 2019

On May 30, the Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia hosted the International Investment Forum – Kakheti 2019, seeing representatives of the government, diplomatic corps, high-ranking foreign investors, as well as nearly 20 international and over 150 Georgian companies as the participants and attendees.

The platform of the International Investment Forum, aimed at introducing the high investment prospective of the region of Kakheti and attracting investors, boasted various panels on different topics of crucial importance, including the economic growth of Georgia and the investment capabilities of the country, the potential of agriculture in Kakheti and opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industries. One of the panels of the forum was dedicated to the investment potential in the field of renewable energy and natural resources of the country. The topic of Georgia’s competitiveness on a local and global scale was also discussed within the frames of the event.

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze, delivered a speech at the forum accentuating the importance of regional development for the Government of Georgia and the high potential of Kakheti in this regard.

"We are placing special emphasis on regional development. We believe that stronger regions define a stronger Georgia,” the PM said, adding that the imprudent economic policy of the past few years had led to the creation of a number of challenges.

“According to our estimates, as little as 25% of Kakheti is used, which means that we have enormous economic development resources and, most importantly, inclusive development resources in this most beautiful region," stated the PM.

"Kakheti is Georgia's most beautiful region, with a great history and traditions. It is the cradle of wine, and it has made a tremendous contribution to our culture,” the Head of the Government went on, noting also that the progressing viniculture of Kakheti, the unique history of the region and its potential in terms of cultivating vegetable crops are to greatly contribute to the development of the region and to attracting multiple investors.

Maia Tskitishvili, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia also addressed the audience at the event, speaking about the major infrastructural projects that are being carried out in Kakheti, and announced a number of upcoming initiatives. She also mentioned that investments of approximately 2 billion GEL are to be allocated for infrastructure, road development projects in particular, in 2019 alone.

George Sharashidze, Publisher of Georgia Today, took to the stage as the moderator of the panel “Investment opportunities in tourism and hospitality,” which covered a number of paramount areas related to the field. Within the scope of the panel, it was announced that a new company is to be launched on the Georgian market. Kerten Hospitality, a major property management company which plans to engage in the country’s hospitality industry and present hotels of interesting and innovative concept in Tbilisi and Kakheti. It was also noted that Kakheti is preparing for the launch of a new airport, which will much increase the importance of the region.


By Ketevan Kvartskheliya

Image source: Enterprise Georgia

31 May 2019 13:53