The Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards 2020

If solidarity, cooperation and a responsible attitude towards the environment are among your major values; if you want to help protect and look after your surroundings and community, then the Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards competition is for you!

The Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards is so much more than a contest: it will help you to progress as a person and develop your skills of team-work and organization, all essential in a successful daily life.

‘Cooperation for the Sustainable Development Goals’ is the theme of the Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards 2020.

Join the Niko Ketskhoveli School Awards, get involved in important social issues, make new friends and win unforgettable prizes!!!

Don’t wait! Make an eco-club at your school and register it on!

What is an Eco-Club?

An Eco-club is a team of volunteers (teachers, students), who create an organizational unit, help the school and community to rethink the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and decrease the harmful impact on the environment. The school eco-club can have a leader/leaders, its own regulations and activity plan. The activity plan should specify the frequency of meetings of the eco-club members.

31 May 2019 10:05