RED-CO Offers 30% Discount, June 3-5

As the Gudauri season draws to a close, the RED-CO development company is offering a 30% discount on aparthotel projects from June 3-5.

 The lowest prices and the best offers await you:

  • Apartments from 92,000 GEL, instead of 132,000!
  • Apartments from 30sq.m.
  • First installment 0%
  • 18-months installments
  • Return on investment within 5-6 years
  • Construction works will be led by the Anagi Copmany

What is an aparthotel?

Purchasing real estate is one of the most valuable investments one can make. Along with the development of tourism in Georgia, the prices of apartments augment respectively. This trend is especially obvious in the popular tourist destinations. Following the above mentioned tendencies, developers have launched an absolutely new type of real estate – aparthotel, which represents a synthesis of a residential house and hotel. This is your house at the resort, which is to bring more income to you. The system of aparthotels is very popular in developed countries. The number of aparthotels is almost equal to the number of houses and hotels at resorts.

The guests of aparthotels are given an opportunity to use the hotel services, including reception, concierge, cleaning and more. When the owners want to use the property, the managing company helps them to close the renting. In addition, the managing company does not limit the owner of the apartment in terms of use. On the other side, it benefits from commissions from the tenancy fees.

The aparthotel system has been progressing in Georgia in recent years. The promotion of this type of apartment has been catalyzed by the development of resorts. The example of Gudauri clearly demonstrates that the improvement of infrastructure and increasing the number of tourists has contributed to the development of this system.

RED-CO launched its first aparthotel in Gudauri in 2014, triggering a lot of interest, and there are already eight aparthotels on site this year. The complex has been created according to the general plan of the Canadian company Ecosign, which prevents the planning of infrastructure chaotically. Ecosign is the world’s leading company, specialized in resort development.

The benefits of purchasing aparthotels: 

“When using our services, RED-CO offers customers: search for clientele, bookings admin, meeting and serving guests, cleaning of the apartments. The system is very flexible, as the majority of our customers either work in Tbilisi or are foreigners and work abroad. They don't have to worry about anything, while the income is impressive,” is stated at the Redco Management Group. According to the company representatives, the investment will enable the owners of the apartments to obtain annual revenue up to 18%. The return on investment will happen within 5-7 years, depending on the request for aparthotels.

The number of tourists increases by 20-30% in Gudauri annually, and the seasons are overloaded in most cases. Such statistics enable the representatives of the company to make a positive forecast in this regards.

Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

30 May 2019 19:48