Georgian Wine & Gastronomy in Japan

Within the frames of the project ‘Georgia - Homeland of Wine,’ a second exhibition was held in the exhibition center Terrada Warehouse in Tokyo. The project, which was conducted over two months, hosted thousands of Japanese visitors.

‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine’ serves as a demonstration of Georgia, Georgian wine and the country’s unique culture. Georgian wine, winemaking, and viticulture is part of the Georgian identity. The Georgian ‘Supra’ and Georgian gastronomy are also part of this identity. Therefore, the project ‘Georgia - Homeland of Wine’ serves for the popularization of said cultural identity.

According to the project manager, deputy chairperson of the National Wine Agency, Davit Tkemaladze, several events were held for the promotion of Georgian traditions and culture, Georgian wine and the Georgian Supra.

One of these events was held in Gakushi-kaikan, where Georgian wine was presented with Georgian and French dishes. Gakushi-kaikan is unification of seven major national universities (Tokyo, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kyushu), created in 1928. The Georgian and French dishes were made by the Gakushi-kaikan director and chief cook, Masaru Osaka, and the famous Georgian chef, Tekuna Gachechiladze.

In the frames of the Georgia - Homeland of Wine project, a masterclass of Georgian Supra was held in Tokyo, presented by writer Zurab Karumidze.

“Zura Karumidze's involvement is very important in this project. It's pretty hard when you have such an honorable mission: to tell foreigners about the Georgian history and traditions, Supra and wine consumption traditions, within just an hour or two, and inspire the audience,” Tkemaladze explains.

The event was attended by celebrity Georgian Sumo wrestler in Japan, Tochinoshin (Levan Gorgadze) and Gagamaru (Teimuraz Jugeli), who are unofficial ambassadors of Georgia to Japan.

The event dedicated to the closing of the exhibition was held in the Georgian Supra tradition, led by Japan's Emperor Cup owner, the famous Georgian Sumo wrestler Tochinoshin. The singers of the Japanese ensemble "Yamashiro Gumi" performed some of the most distinguished Georgian polyphonic songs to a solemn reception.

Within the frames of the event chief, chefs Tekuna Gachechiladze, Lasha Kenchadze, Nukri Ezieshvili and Tamta Kikaleishvili presented Georgian cusine to the foreign audience.

"The aim of the project was to introduce the Georgian Supra traditions and wine culture to the Japanese. Advertising the Georgian wine history and culture is a necessary component in our project, which makes this project even more interesting. There is not a single book or article about Georgian wines and cuisine written in Japan,” Tkemaladze noted.

The project Georgia –Homeland of Wine, which is organized by the National Wine Agency and Association Georgian Wine, was implemented on the initiative of the Government of Georgia, with the support of National Intellectual Property Center Sakpatenti, Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, Diplomatic Corps of Georgia to Japan and the National Museum.

The project was first held in 2017 in the world capital of wine Bordeaux, France and was dedicated to the scientific research according to which the scientific community recognized “Georgia as the homeland of wine".

30 May 2019 20:47