20% of Georgian Population Lived in Absolute Poverty in 2018

Statistics published by the National Statistics Office of Georgia have revealed that approximately 20.1% of Georgians lived in absolute poverty in 2018.

Residents in Georgia’s rural areas were more likely to suffer from absolute poverty than those living in urban areas: 23.1% of those living in rural areas lived in absolute poverty, whilst the figure was 18% in urban areas.

The United Nations outlined absolute poverty as the deprivation of an individual to basic human needs such as food, sanitation facilities, health services, safe drinking water, education, information, and shelter.

The average monthly salary increased in 2018 to approximately 1,202 lari (less than $450). However, unemployment and poor infrastructure is still a challenge for many, especially in rural areas.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Advantour

30 May 2019 18:58