Georgians Make 677,400 Trips Abroad in Q1, 2019

Georgia’s National Statistics Office (Geostat) reports that in Quarter I of 2019, the number of Georgian resident travelers’ trips abroad equaled 677.4 thousand.

Most of the trips, 44.7 %, were made by travelers of 31-50 years of age.

The number of outbound visits by Georgian visitors from the above-mentioned made up 484.8 thousand.

Moreover, in QI 2019, the number of Georgian resident visitors abroad equaled 367.3 thousand.

“Georgian visitors made 269.8 thousand tourist-type and 215.0 thousand same-day visits abroad. 58.9 % of Georgian resident visitors were only tourists. The share of excursionists amounted to 36.6% while 4.4 % of visitors were both tourists and excursionists,” Geostat reports.

The agency says the majority of outbound visitors (29.7 %) belonged to the age group of 31-50 years. The number of women was 45.3 % of the total number of visitors.

In Q1 of 2019 the purpose of the majority of outbound visits (37.3%) was visiting friends or relatives.

The majority of outbound visits were made to Turkey and Azerbaijan, 191.900 and 112.100 accordingly. 

In addition to this, In QI 2019, the average number of nights spent on outbound visits was 3.4 nights. 91.6 % of outbound visits were repeat visits. 

Moreover, the expenditures during the outbound visits made in QI 2019 equaled 359.3 million GEL. The average expenditure per visit amounted to 741.0 GEL.

By Thea Morrison

26 May 2019 23:40