Sony Music Corp. Shows Off Georgian Wine Culture in Tokyo

The project ‘Georgia - Homeland of Wine,’ held in Tokyo’s Terrada Warehouse Exhibition Area, hosted thousands of visitors over a successful two months, giving them the chance to explore various fascinating aspects of the Georgian culture.

Sony Music Communication designers were actively involved in the project implementation and, after familiarizing guests with Georgian traditions, the importance of the vine to Georgia was shown in synthesis with a mystical and Georgian phenomenon: The Wishing Tree. The designers did not forget the Georgian ‘Supra’ culture either, adding a small figure of ‘Tamada’ (toastmaster) to this synthesis.

As a result of the support of the Government of Georgia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Wine Agency of Georgia, Georgian Wine Association, National Museum and Sakpatenti, the initiative of the project was begun in Japan with great interest, and received very positive feedback.

23 May 2019 16:19