Solar Panel Producing German Factory Opens in Kutaisi

AE Solar, a world leader in manufacturing high-effectiveness photo-voltage solar energy panels, has opened a factory in West Georgia’s city of Kutaisi which will export its products to the European Union, United States and the Middle East.

Georgian Prime Minister, Mamuka Bakhtadze also attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. According to him, Georgia is turning into a hi-tech producer country.

"The enterprise is launched by a German company AE Solar, which is a global leader in the manufacturing solar panels. I wish to particularly thank the investors for making this decision and constructing a plant right in Georgia. Several alternatives were considered and it is noteworthy that investors took a decision in favor of Georgia,” he said.

The PM noted that foreign direct investments (FDI) are of particular impotence for the country as it is a guarantee to the creation of more jobs in the national economy.

“This particular enterprise will employ 300 people. In addition, it will run very important programs that will help us in creating more educational modules and knowledge transfer opportunities for the local staff in Kutaisi,” he added.

Bakhtadze said in a few weeks construction of another very important enterprise will be launched in Georgia and it will be the first manufacturing of electric cars in the Kutaisi.

By Thea Morrison



22 May 2019 10:58