Abkhazia’s "Elections" Set for August 26

An agreement has been reached between the de facto Abkhazian government and its opposition regarding the date of the “elections”.

The occupied region’s “presidential elections” were supposed to occur on July 21. However, Aslan Bzhania, figure of the opposition, was supposedly poisoned a month ago and manifestations asked for the postponement of the “elections” so that he would have time to recover. Indeed, traces of heavy metals of aluminium and mercury were found in Bzhania’s blood.

While the demonstrators asked for the “elections” to happen in October, an agreement has finally been reached postponing the “elections” for August 26, putting an end to the manifestations.

Georgia, alongside most of the International community, considers that the Abkhazia region to be occupied by Russia and urge the latter to withdraw its forces from the Georgian territory.


By Gabrielle Colchen

Photo Source: dfwatch.net

22 May 2019 14:45