NDI Polls Show Georgians View Russia as Biggest Threat

The recent survey, conducted by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), shows that 31% of respondents believe Russian military aggression is the biggest threat to the national security of Georgia.

To the question: What is the top threat to Georgia’s national security? The majority of Georgians named Russian military aggression (31 %), the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia (11 %), Russian propaganda (10% and terrorism (4%).

To the question, what Georgia can do to boost its national security, 28% of respondents said the NATO membership is a way out while 11% think the EU membership can help. 11% said the leader, who is an individual decision maker can increase national security while 6% of respondents consider that the country needs to strengthen its democracy.

Moreover, 39 % of respondents estimate the collapse of the Soviet Union as a "bad event”, 3% less compared to during the survey, conducted in May of 2018. According to the same survey, 50% of the interviewed citizens believe this was a “good event” and 11 % of respondents say - they do not have an answer to this question.

The survey also reads that a total of 77%of Georgians approve joining the EU, with 56 % strongly approving.

Support for NATO membership also stands steadily at 74 percent, with 55 % of the surveyed people strongly approving membership.

The survey results reflect data collected from March 28 to April 15. The average margin of error is +/- 2,3 %.

By Thea Morrison



20 May 2019 19:46