2019 Tbilisi Art Fair - The Creative Transformation of Georgia's Capital

After a full weekend of art exhibitions, discussions, art talks, performances, film screenings and poem readings the second edition of the Tbilisi Art Fair came to an end at the 19 of May. In total about 8325 guests visited the 33 participating galleries and 45 artist spaces. From the 980 exhibited artworks, artistic pieces amounting to 320.000 $ got sold.

A review of 2019 Tbilisi Art Fair.

In the main hall of the Exhibition Center, the heart of the TAF 2019, all galleries participating in this year’s fair were represented. In open spaces the visitor had the possibility to stroll around and soak in the international vibe of the fair. Among Georgian galleries and artists there were galleries from France, Germany, Azerbaijan, Brussels, Spain and many other countries. In total 16 countries participated in this year's fair. But rather more important where the galleries came from, was the plurality of concepts, materials and topics; all brought together in minimalistic spaces. The variety ranged from video art to photography, from modern paintings to sculptures and performances.

“This is not fun, this is not entertainment, this is not spending money. This is a tremendous investment. Investment in the development of arts and culture but also the social and economic development of the country. Because apart from our interest in arts and culture, we need to conceptualize that arts and culture can truly transform and make a tremendous change in politics and social conditions” one of the main supporters of the 2019 Tbilisi Art Fair stated in the opening ceremony.

A series of talks and discussions during the Tbilisi Art Fair was reflecting the question “What is Political in Contemporary Art?”

Art doesn´t stand isolated from society. Contemporary art found its existence also in criticizing and interfering in politics and leadership. It is a form of expression but also a mirror for the society itself. Georgia is changing its perception in the world spurred through a young generation of artists, entrepreneurs, hoteliers and independent organizations. Georgia is transforming from bottom-up through highly creative and new approaches from all sides; arts and culture, ranging from painting to literature and music, is taking a big part in this grassroot movement.

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By Lisa Maier

Photo Source: Facebook Tbilisi Art Fair

20 May 2019 14:12