Tbilisi Art Fair Opens with the Support of TBC Status, Organized by Expo Georgia

On May 17-19, with the organization of the Expo Georgia Exhibition Hall and support of TBC Status, the Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF) is to be held for the second time.

The exhibition was opened with a closed show on May 16.

The four-day sales-exhibition is to bring together 33 galleries and 38 independent artists from 16 countries, among them Georgia, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Austria, China, the USA, Cuba, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Lithuania.

The TAF exhibition area is divided in two major parts. The main hall is to host local, as well as international galleries, while The Hive, a specific studio-format section, will give novices and artists without gallery representation the chance to showcase their works.

The Tbilisi Art Fair covers the gardens and pavilions of Expo Georgia, as well as museums, theaters and art areas across Tbilisi. A number of lectures, masterclasses, open forums and other events are scheduled within the scope of the Fair. The series of events will commence with ‘Four Talks’ on May 16, at 15:00 and will be completed with the official opening ceremony of the Clarisse Hahn exhibition at Amirani Cinema on May 17, at 16:00.

The TAF is focused on the galleries and art institutions of the countries of Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus region, which have not been presented at the art fairs so far. It aims to support the establishment of new communication and to strengthen partnership between local and international art institutions.

TAF is an annual platform where the collectors, supervisors, representatives of media and art circles can discover art and galleries within the same space.

The price for each day of TAF is 10 GEL, with tickets available at www.tkt.ge and on-site at Expo Georgia.

For more information, please visit: www.tbilisiartfair.art

• Four Discourses – Pavilion 6.

• Palette of Pain – Pavilion 11.

• To Be a Woman – Pavilion 3.

• Medea: Icons vs Logos – Pavilion 4.

• The David Kakabadze Fund, Archive Exhibtion – Pavilion 4.

• The exhibition of the scientific works and studies of David Kakabadze at the orangery, is part of a large-scale, multi-stage project launched for the 130th anniversary since the birth of the artist and organized by TBC and the David Kakabadze Fund. The showcased exhibits represent Kakabadze, an artist, physicist, art critic and researcher. This is the process of exploring the universe, distilling and processing information, as a result of which creative forms are obtained. This material brings together, historical, cultural, scientific, social and other values which are followed by the creation of a series of art works.

• Hotel Europa: Their Past, Your Present, Our Future – Tbilisi Open Area; May 17, 17:00.

• IN SITU/IN VIVO – Silk Museum; 17 May, 15:00.

• Jeff Cowen, 30 works – the Museum of Modern Art (Moma Tbilisi); May 17, 20:00.

• Clarisse Hahn – Amirani Cinema – May 17, 16:00.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

16 May 2019 17:12