TBC Insurance Launches Health Insurance Service

On May 14, the Management of TBC Insurance brought together the representatives of media to announce yet another initiative: a health insurance service. Prior to the launch of health insurance, the company offered auto, travel, credit and motor third party liability insurance services.

Paata Ghadzadze, Director General of TBC Insurance, and Nino Gachechiladze, Health Insurance Director, present the new project to the audience.

“It took quite a long time to launch the health insurance service,” stated Ghadzadze. “But it was a major priority for us to thoroughly investigate and profoundly study Georgian, as well as the international, markets and the client needs in this direction.”

Ghadzadze noted that the team of TBC Insurance explored the sector from the customers’ perspective and took their sensitivities and needs very much into account.

He spoke of the outstanding features of TBC Health Insurance. “Bilateral cooperation for long-term partnership is of crucial importance to us. That is why we have details very much in mind, interact consistently with the provider medical institutions and plan to offer the best and most flexible services to our clientele,” he said.

Ghadzadze also outlined the major challenges faced in this sector. “The high quality and right time management in terms of making payments represent the most problematic issues in the health insurance sphere. We are totally quality-oriented and have put a lot of effort into launching the fastest and most convenient payment methods for our clientele.”

“The health insurance field is fast-growing and dynamic, with lots of ongoing changes in terms of services and technologies. TBC is to adapt to this system and offer all traditional, as well as the latest services to its customers,” stated Ghadzadze.

Nino Gachechiladze briefed the audience about the outstanding features of TBC Health Insurance.

“Our team, boasting only professionals, who base their knowledge not only on statistics, but also on multiple years of experience, is well aware of its clients’ demands, as well as their preferences,” she told the attendees. “We know what is most important for modern individuals: simplicity and speed. Through studying all the models of services present on the international markets, we do our best to offer clientele the most flexible solutions. TBC Insurance is also distinguished with high financial limits and few exceptions,” she said.

Gachchiladze also accentuated the multiplicity of provider medical institutions, the vast majority of them being equipped with the latest technologies, and the right of the customers to choose clinics according to their preference, even if they are not on the list of providers.

There are nearly 200 provider medical clinics and five standard packages offered by TBC Insurance, with prices varying from 38 to 110 GEL.

The reimbursement of utilized services will take place immediately if less than 500 GEL, and within a maximum of three working days for claims above 500 GEL.

Gachechiladze also stated that digitalization is of crucial importance these days, which is why TBC is to launch a flexible web platform in June which will facilitate access to services.

At the end of the presentation, Ghadzadze stated that TBC is open to feedback from clientele and expressed readiness to work on their demands. He noted that no mistakes are tolerable when it comes to health. Finally, he announced yet another innovation that is to be introduced in September-October, related to digitalization in the field of health, but left it as a surprise.

“I would like to congratulate TBC on this new achievement. The reason we made the decision to collaborate with this company was catalyzed by their focus on premium-quality and individual care of partner companies, as well as clients, which is of crucial importance for us,” said Lasha Chkhaidze, Head of the Administration JSC United Financial Corporation, one of the partner companies of TBC in this project.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya 

16 May 2019 17:07