Tbilisi International Festival of Literature May 17-21

On May 17-21, the Writer’s House of Georgia at 13 Machabeli Street, is to transform into the go-to destination for literature enthusiasts, as on these dates it will host the 5th Tbilisi International Festival of Literature (TIFL).

The organizers of the festival have put a lot of effort into offering an interesting, diverse and eclectic range of events for visitors. Throughout the five days of the TIFL, bookworms will have a chance to attend presentations of both foreign and contemporary Georgian authors and literary critics, enjoy talks, poetry readings, engage in panel discussions and debate on various topics related to literature, including “What Happens to Text in Translation?”, “Is It Necessary to Declaim Poetry?” and more.

Within the scope of the festival, some of the visiting authors will visit a number of educational institutions of Georgia and meet with the students of the faculty of literature and related subjects.

The TIFL 2019, full of various interesting options for literature-lovers, will wrap up on May 21 with an anniversary evening marking 200 years since the birth of Walt Whitman, an American poet, within which his legacy and works will be discussed.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: timesofyouth.com

14 May 2019 15:32