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Georgian honey is moving beyond the borders of the local market. Jani (ჯანი) is a brand offering fruit and dried fruit dipped in honey, a pioneer Georgian brand in overcoming export issues related to the East. The 100% natural product was launched in Kutaisi by Kristefore Darchishvili along with his uncle and friends, and rapidly obtained popularity on the Georgian market. After active communications with Chinese companies, the brand introduced its products at an exhibition in the Biltmore Hotel and caught the eye of exporters. The product is certified and has received positive results in every regard.



A novelty on the Georgian beer market, the alcohol-free rose canina fruit beer from Shengeli Tokhosashvili is soon to be introduced. A traditional drink for Kists, production was catalyzed by a desire to give wider audiences the chance to try it. The factory in Pankisi is already ready, supported by a grant received within the scope of ‘Enterprise Georgia’. Non-filtered beer under the ‘Kisturi’ brand name will be sold in Pankisi, followed by Kakheti and Tbilisi. The enterprise is to start operating at the end of May.


GWS Company, one of the first wineries in Georgia to offer bottled wine, has introduced the premium-quality TAMADA wine in refreshed packaging. The new-look wine will be available for consumers from June. The premium line collection: Grand Reserve and Qvevri were introduced two years ago. The majority of TAMADA vineyards are 15 years old, while others are 25. Since 2015, TAMADA has won 59 medals, 7 double golds among them.

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13 May 2019 18:08