MJERA is a Georgian Word and it Means “I BELIEVE”

MJERA is willing to support new projects to become real, like natural forces (4 elements) that create new life. MJERA believes that life is art. The food we eat, the music we listen and dance to, the books we read, the houses we build and live in, the nature and everything else that surrounds us – in essence is creativity, passion and art. Using unique ways of connecting different industries in artistic way, MJERA supports all industries, because all industries are creators. It is never too early or too late, so MJERA encourages all ages. Nothing in life is set in stone and MJERA wants to unfold what’s hidden inside. You don’t have to follow a system and MJERA drives you to find your own, unique way to express yourself, via creativity, art and passion for distinctive thinking and positive change.


13 May 2019 18:01