Third International Cyber Security Festival at the University of Georgia

Cyberspace carries various and immense loads of information, including that concerning the private lives of people. Society’s increasing dependence on information and communications technologies creates opportunities to be exploited by uninvited guests. The threat of cybercrime to business, public and non-governmental structures is intensifying because organizations accumulate and store information in various storage that could provide criminals with entry points into internal networks.

On May 3, the School of Science and Technology of the University of Georgia, in cooperation with Internet Development Initiative, hosted the third International Festival dedicated to Cyber Security. Participants of the event included the representatives of public and private sectors Greennet, ICANN and the Cyber Security Bureau.

Within the framework of the event, for the first time in Georgia, the ‘DNSSEC Security for Domain Name Systems,’ as well as the following issues, were discussed:

• Cyber security ecosystem in Georgia;

• Cyber threats and the role of the state;

• Protection of critical infrastructure;

• Cybercrime and international law;

• Personality protection in internet space;

• Internet and children.

The University of Georgia emphasizes the relevance of cyber security and actively tries to raise awareness on cyber security issues.

13 May 2019 17:58