Owners of Multiple Cars Might Pay Taxes

The results of a thematic study published by the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee of Parliament read that people who own three or more cars should be subjected to special taxes.

Member of the Committee, MP Giorgi Khatidze, clarifies that there is an ongoing discussion as to whether such taxes should be introduced or not, adding a decision has not been made.

In addition, Khatidze explains that if a positive decision is made, it should happen so that the tax will not be an extra burden for citizens.

“Not only old vehicles but fuel quality also pollutes the air. We should have a complex approach to this topic. Any issue related to additional taxes is very sensitive for the public. Hence, our approach is to discuss and simultaneously create such regulations that will reduce air pollution and at the same time will not significantly affect the finances of our citizens,” he noted.

The thematic document reads that taxes should be imposed on people according to the volume of the car engine.

“The larger the engine of the vehicle, the more it pollutes the air. Accordingly, the owners of motor vehicles with low volume engines will have preferential terms. These changes must be an encouragement for those who run ecologically clean vehicles,” the document reads.


By Thea Morrison



13 May 2019 10:30