GWS Introduces a Refreshed Label for Its Premium Wine Brand TAMADA

The Georgian Wines and Spirits Company (GWS), one of the oldest and best-known producers of handpicked wines in Georgia and a constant provider of high quality products, is excited to launch a refreshed label for its premium wine TAMADA. The new label will be available on the market from June and reflects the further refinement of the quality of exquisite wine TAMADA.

The company’s Brand Manager Salome Dolidze explains the rationale behind the refreshed packaging: “Two years ago, we introduced the premium collection of TAMADA wines: Grand Reserve and Qvevri. One of the reasons we initiated the refreshment for the entire TAMADA range was to align it with the design of the newer lines of Grand Reserve and Qvevri. We also wanted the new label to represent a refinement of the taste and standards of the TAMADA wines. With the new design, the label looks more modern and fresh, but keeps the emphasis on tradition and brand values. The new label packaging once again links art and Pirosmani and enhances its design.”

With the upgrade, wine lovers can now enjoy TAMADA from a bottle that further highlights one of the treasures of Georgian culture, the famous painting The Feast of Five Princes (1906) of Niko Pirosmani. The painting by Pirosmani portrays the Georgian feast “supra” that is traditionally lead by a toastmaster “tamada,” who is bestowed with the duty of raising toasts and leading the festivity. TAMADA wine, like its namesake, grants a sense of unity at the table and encourages the art of sharing emotions, which is at the core of the brand and serves as its tagline. In addition to this brand story, the wine itself carries an interesting history of its own.

The great majority of TAMADA vineyards are 15 years old, up to 25 years for some parcels and appellations. Since 2015, TAMADA has been awarded 59 medals, including seven double gold, and ten gold medals, in national and international competitions. GWS offers 18 different varieties of TAMADA, vintage and AOC wines. All the exquisite grapes for TAMADA are hand-picked from the GWS terroirs to deliver this finest wine of Georgia.

The new design of the label will better portray the history of the brand and the refinement of the taste. The design will be reflected on bottles and all POS materials. The back label will also be reworked with a new storytelling approach, accompanied with a map of Georgia and signature of the Winemaker and CEO of GWS- Philippe Lespy. Even the quality of wine corks and label papers will be upgraded to better match the premium nature of the brand.


For more than 20 years, GWS has been one of the leading businesses in Georgia and worldwide. GWS produces around four million bottles of premium wines, made exclusively from its own vineyards, 100% of the harvest being hand-picked. In the last few years, GWS was awarded with up to 160 awards and distinctions by prominent national and international competitions. The high profile of the wines from GWS are fueled by the quality of its vineyards and the know-how of the team.

By Mariam Diasamidze

09 May 2019 14:42