Armenian PM Speaks about Necessity of Sex Education for Children

The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan stated that sex education is necessary for the children. The PM stressed the children should receive such information at school.

Pashinyan made the comment in response to the recent aggression during the presentation of the book My Body when a group of men broke into a café Bukinist in Yerevan and threw eggs at the organizers of the presentation.

“Children grow up and start new stages of their lives. From where else should they receive information about sex? In the street or from some porn-sites on the internet? I have read that book and there is nothing extraordinary in it. I am ready to listen to those people who believe this book is something filthy.  We need to provide children with sex education. We are no longer in middle ages,” he said.

Sex education is also a very disputable topic in Georgia. There have been attempts to introduce the subject to schools but it was followed by the harsh criticism from the Orthodox Church and some traditional group of people.

Last month Chairperson of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee Sophio Kiladze said that sex education lessons will be allowed for children only after receiving the consent of parents.

“Sex education lessons will be allowed only with the consent of parents. Also, if a family requires, the Orthodox Church and other confessions will have the right to be engaged and consult regarding any particular issue at the request of a specific family,” she said.

By Thea Morrison

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09 May 2019 14:35