Gov’t, Patriarchate and Iveria Society Sign Memorandum

The Georgian government, the Patriarchate of Georgia and Iveria Society signed a memorandum which envisages construction of a modern scientific research and cultural enlightening center-museum of the highest international standards in the vicinity of the Church to Virgin Mary being constructed on Makhata Mount.

The document was signed by Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia, Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and Giorgi Tavadze, Chairman of Iveria Society.

After the signing ceremony, the PM delivered a speech and underlined the significance of the project. He noted that this project will also have the mandate to carry out research and studies, which fully complies with priorities declared by the Government and the national idea of education.

He also noted the correlation between the state and the church, saying “a strong Georgian state means a strong church, while a strong church means a strong Georgian state.”

“We greatly focus on education and I am convinced that this place will be precious to all who love their motherland upon the implementation of the project. We have a national treasure that our ancestors were proud of. We also take great pride in it and it is indeed our duty to hand it over to the future generations. The entire world should know the scale and magnitude of the contribution made by the Georgian nation in the formation of the European civilization,” he said.

The Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia stated the memorandum has a “historic importance” for the country.

“God bless this effort and God let it achieve a tangible outcome for the benefit of our nation and church,” he said.

By Thea Morrison





09 May 2019 10:25