Dinner In The Sky® To Offer Its Renowned Unique Dining Experience in Georgia!

Dinner In The Sky®, a “flying” fine dining restaurant selected by Forbes.com for its list of the world’s 10 most unusual restaurants, is now launching in Tbilisi.

Georgia will be the first country in the region to present this unique dining experience and joins 70 others who for more than 12 years have offered the most unforgettable dining experience in a breathtaking setting, now providing amazing 360 degree views of the Tbilisi skyline. From the TV Tower to Tbilisi Sea, the Mtatsminda mount, Sameba Cathedral, Narikala: all the beautiful landmarks of Tbilisi combine to give your dinner a spectacular perspective! The Sky platform is suspended by a crane 50 meters above Tbilisi, while you indulge in unique scenery and luxurious dining. The exclusive atmosphere, breathtaking view of the city, and cuisine from top chefs are what makes Dinner In The Sky® a whole new event concept on the Georgian market.

Dinner In The Sky® is a product developed according to two key words: Exclusivity and Safety. The organizers aim to provide clients with “the most exclusive experiences ever dreamt of in a completely safe way.” Products are built in Belgium and the steel carrying structure of Dinner In The Sky® fulfills the requirements of German safety Standard 4112 (1983), as confirmed by TUV Rheinland. In fact, the very obsession for safety is probably one of the reasons why Dinner In The Sky® is now being operated in more than 70 countries and has official permits to operate from even the strictest countries- the US, Canada, Australia, South-Africa, etc.

Dinner In The Sky® has always partnered with 5-star luxury hotels and resorts all around the world, and now it has partnered with Bioli resort in Georgia for its public sessions.

There are three flight sessions per day: Tbilisi Daylight at 17:00, Tbilisi Twilight at 19:00, and Tbilisi City Lights at 21:00. The Daylight session lasts half an hour, serving a 5-star wine tasting menu including assorted Georgian cheese, Georgian wines or non alcoholic drinks, sandwiches and Georgian sweets, plus unlimited wine, as well as tea/coffee. The Twilight session last for 90 minutes, serving a 5-star exclusive 4-course dinner menu including salad and soup as starter, chicken/beef/fish/vegetable dishes for the main course, and Panna cotta and Bouquet tea as dessert. Water, juice and unlimited delicious Georgian wines are freely available during this flight session. The City Lights session also lasts for 90 minutes, accompanied by unlimited wine and soft drinks and also the same 5-star exclusive 4-course dinner menu as in the Twilight session. What makes this session a distinctively perfect experience is the ‘Live Music in the Sky’ being performed within. During all the three flight sessions, champagne is served in the Lounge area. You’ll have also the possibility to select your main course and choose other add-ons online. Reservations for public sessions can be made online at www.dinnerinthesky.ge for a range of 199 GEL to 345 GEL depending on the session you choose.

The Dinner In The Sky®’s menu is desinged exclusively by the Bioli’s skillful chef. All the ingredients are fully organic and selected meticulously from Georgian villages far from any roads and pollution. Moreover, you can take pleasure in a variety of Georgian wine, delicately made according to the 8000-year tradition of winemaking in Georgia, while enjoying having the city at your feet!

Dinner In The Sky® Georgia is not only an exciting must-experience event for Georgian citizens, but also an attractive landmark for foreign tourists who wish to see the beauty of Tbilisi all in one frame. That’s why the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) willingly supports Dinner In The Sky® Georgia. From the staff uniform to the chef menu and wine tasting menu, everything uniquly represents Georgian traditions and features local symbols in an entirely modern style.

Dinner In The Sky®, is not limited to public sessions. The Sky platform may also be customized for private events, corporate events, and national celebrations. Our event-platform is portable and can be taken to any location in the city. It can have up to 16 flights in eight hours, taking 22 passengers to the sky each flight, meaning we can host up to 352 guests in any event day. Choose from snack, lunch, dinner, cocktails in the air, floating meetings, a wedding amongst the clouds, or something totally different.

Choose Dinner In The Sky® for product launches, opening celebrations, promotions, press releases, interviews, talk shows, live TV, VIP treatment for guests, road shows, golf tournaments, concerts in the sky, fashion shows, VIP guests at a concert, motor show, brand-air experiences, press conferences, magic shows, and more. ‘Floating’ above the ordinary brings a whole new perspective to such corporate engagements and entertainment!

Many universally well-known and prestigious brands, among them Nokia, Samsung, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Electrolux, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle have been partners with Dinner In The Sky® to show off their brands among the clouds. The extensive and lasting impression left by such branding strategy has been so spectacular and immense that each has produced expansive buzz in media and social networks.

The Sky Platform can also be used at city festivals like Tbilisoba, Independence day, Batumoba, Rtveli, the Cheese Festival, Tbilisi Jazz Festival, Christmas, and other national or regional celebrations. All in all, Dinner In The Sky® is perfect for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary event or meeting into a magical, once in a lifetime occasion that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

The famous Dinner In The Sky® will be launched on May 15 in Bioli resort, available for anyone who wishes to transform the ordinary into into a magical moment. The Belgian inventor of Dinner In The Sky® and the investors of Dinner In The Sky® Georgia will attend the opening event. The Belgian team are heading to Tbilisi to oversee the installation of the platform and to train the Georgian staff of Dinner In The Sky® Georgia. Since Dinner In The Sky® is a service much beyond a usual restaurant, and since the seats and public sessions are limited, all passengers are asked to buy their flight tickets in advance. For more information and bookings, visit www.dinnerinthesky.ge.

06 May 2019 17:27